5 things you need to know about CBD Oil

Royal Queen Seeds CBD oil provides a convenient, discreet and fast way to dose yourself with a little CBD no matter what situation or where you are. All our CBD oil is made from organic hemp grown in Europe and extracted using the latest CO² techniques. It means our oil is 100% natural and offers pure and strong CBD. All you have to do is give a dose under the tongue or into the food and go off!

You probably have ever been under CBD. Perhaps you saw CBD products in shops, people heard about it and actually took it to you without knowing it. Here you can find out what it is all about.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a unique compound that is naturally found in cannabis and hemp. If you have ever smoked marijuana, you have consumed CBD, but only in very small quantities.

Surely you have heard of THC – the most prominent cannabinoid that is responsible for the unique intoxication that triggers cannabis. CBD is the second most common cannabinoid in the plant, just second behind the THC. Until a few years ago, hardly anyone knew anything about CBD, but in recent years studies have found that this compound has a breathtaking medical value. For example, the use of CBD as an antiepileptic is directly responsible for the landslide-changing public opinion about cannabis for medical use. In this sense, we have listed the 5 most important things you need to know about CBD.

  1. CBD does not make “high”

No matter how much CBD you eat – it will not make you “high”. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, so you can take it without kissing the sky. If one smokes CBD-rich cannabis varieties, the small amount of THC will ingest a natural course, but if you use a pure CBD supplements you do not have to worry about it.

  1. CBD is legal in almost every country

Thanks to the fact that CBD is not psychoactive, it is legal in most countries around the world. This means that it can be used / consumed and consumed like any other supplement to promote health, without the police dealing with it.

  1. CBD is proven to help with a wide range of complaints

Although not officially recognized as a drug, studies have shown that CBD is useful in a variety of different diseases. These include epilepsy, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, nausea, psychosis, depression, inflammatory, neurodegenerative diseases and even cancer. But do not just rely on our word – start a quick search on Google and you will find many studies in which CBD has been studied. Some CBD Oil DIstributor can provide you this product, one of them is lakerimpianti.com. This substance is so promising that GW Pharmaceuticals, the company behind the world’s first THC spray, is about to introduce CBD as an approved pharmaceutical drug to treat epilepsy.

4.Not all CBD is won in the same way

The quality of today’s products based on CBD can vary greatly. Unfortunately, some CBD products were found where no CBD was present or they were contaminated with pesticides and bacteria, which is contrary to the purpose of using CBD. Therefore it is important to find a trustworthy supplier who sells high quality CBD products. One of these companies is Cibdol , which produces 100% of biologically grown hemp and laboratory-tested CBD oil. They do not use pesticides or other chemicals and lab tests to ensure that the CBD oil always has the indicated effectiveness.

  1. CBD Damp the effect of THC

CBD helps to dampen and regulate the effects of THC. Have you ever experienced the effect of the THC “too much”? CBD takes the lead and is responsible for the stress-reducing effect of cannabis. Newly cultured CBD-rich varieties produce much more functional noise, which is very useful for medical users.

And that is just the beginning! Science has just begun to scratch the surface of the potential of CBD, but it is already clear that CBD is a powerful supercannabinoid!

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