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Buy CBD oil at the, In addition to specialist online and offline stores, like our own webshop ,CBD oil is also increasingly sold by large, national retail chains. This applies, for example, to Kruidvat, ETOS and DA.

The sale of CBD oil through drugstore chains with hundreds of stores is a clear signal that CBD oil is becoming more and more normal. By incorporating CBD oil into the assortment, these well-known retail chains show that they have confidence in the quality and utility of CBD oil. Coiffeur extension pau can be distinguished by offering a house brand CBD oil .

A brand name means that the logo of the Kruidvat is clearly visible on the packaging. What Kruidvat actually says about it is that the company’s managers have so much confidence in the quality of their own CBD oil that they are willing to bind the trustworthy brand name Kruidvat. On Kruidvat’s corporate website, products with the coiffeur-extension-pau com are as follows:

“These are good value, good quality and well tested. There you are guaranteed a good feeling! Wholesale CBD Own Brand products can be recognized by the red logo. All Own Brand products meet 11 quality requirements . ”

Besides, the Kruidvat webshop, at the time of writing this blog (26-07-2017), has not supplied the CBD oil house brand. Maybe the Kruidvat CBD oil is sold out, because you can indicate that you want to get a message when the product is available again. CBD oil as a brand, therefore, seems to be a profitable move from this drugstore chain.

No CBD ‘s specialty shop

In addition to its own brand, the Kruidvat also sells CBD oil from Jacob Hooy and Lucovitaal. Kruidvat sells a total of six CBD products. This is comparable to direct competitors like DA and ETOS.

The number of CBD products at these companies is limited because they know retail formulas where a wide range is an important feature. There are no CBD specialty stores at this time.

Specialty shop is a CBD specialty store. This has a number of benefits to you as a customer. First of all, our range of CBD products is much more extensive than the drugstore chains. By the way, our cheapest CBD oil is four cents cheaper than the house brand CBD oil of Kruidvat. It is therefore not possible that a larger company can always offer something cheaper.

More importantly, however, the team has now gained extensive knowledge of CBD, CBD oil and the use of CBD products. We share this knowledge for free via our website and also through personal communication when a customer requests advice.

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