Marbella Spain Baby Bull Running Attraction

If you are looking for a truly unique Spanish experience, you are going to want to try a once-in-a-lifetime bullring Bull Run in Marbella with Red Mago. This extravaganza is an ancient tradition usually reserved for special occasions. But now you and your friends can enjoy an actual baby Bull Run the next time you head to Spain. Welcome to the cape!

Besides getting to spend a full hour dodging an actual bull in a bullring from pillar to post, you and your friends will not harm animals or yourselves in any way. You might have a pair of bullhorns heading close to your bums, but other than that no one gets hurt.Image result for baby bull run

You’ll want to try a baby bull run fiesta in Marbella or even Estepona. It is the perfect event for a stag party. This is what sets the boys apart from the men. If you want to show off being a bullfighter or you just want an introduction to being a real matador, now is your chance!

Remember, this is a far cry from the blood-soaked images of real matadors and real bullfights. No animals are harmed here, and because it Spain, you and your friends will get to sit back in the sun with a cold beer or two and laugh and laugh.

There is a lot of hype in Spain over many tourist attractions. But in this version of a bullfighting tourist attraction there really is no hype. There is absolutely no harm to you or the animals and that cannot be stated clearly enough. You have nothing to worry about in this regard.

Our Spanish Kicks Bull Run includes a bullring, Spanish music, matadors’ hats and capes and your own baby bull. It is hilarious and it is definitely a lifetime experience that you will be sharing memories and stories about for years to come. Make your Marbella, Spain experience complete with an Andalusian bull fight! You can get the entire bullring for six full hours, and for a little extra money, we can add on a sizzling barbeque with the drinks of your choice.

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