Power and Strength of Spells in Clash of Clans

Who can deny the power and ultimate strength of spells in clash of clans base? No doubt these spells are one of the powerful enhancements of your attacking purpose. These spells make your attack stronger and right on set target. They have become an essential and important part of this game. If players have started to play from Th9 war base then from this war base as well, use of spells should be done on right terms. It is true, when players reach to the certain and high level of clash of clans game then they realize that each and every attack from their side needs usage of spell too. If player’s are at lower side of Town Hall level then playing and attacking from spells is a must.

Spells are different from Troops:

Playing your game from Th9 war base, you will see and then realize that spells are entirely different from troops. While using spells, you should know which spell you will be using, when you will use them and where you will be dropping them! It is a hard part to use them. What you should do if all of your troops are on the battlefield? Only spells can help you to make attack on your enemies. Correct usage as well as correct deployment of spells is the need.

Using Spells in a General Manner:

  • You should not place your spells on the places where you have already placed your troops
  • Make sure that your troops stay in the targeted range of your spells.
  • You should not pile up your spells on one single place. It will be useless if you will drop two of your rage spells at one single location. You will get no advantage if you will drop 2 Healing Spells at single and same place.

Types of Spells and Power Hidden in them:

  • Use of lightning spell can take down buildings or it can take down Defenses. To snipe away, Air Defense, use this spell.
  • To keep up your troops all alive, healing spell is made. If your troops face more ill-health then there is no use of using healing spell because your troops will be wiped out before they are being healed. But if your troops are having decent amount health then you can use healing spell.
  • Rage spells let players to deal with the damage done on their troops. Through this spell, players can fastly deal with this damage. Players show the fastest and increased kind of movement speed during handling of damage which is done on troops.
  • Clone spells can clone your troops but just for a given time.
  • Poison Spell is used for killing. It is especially used in Clan War.
  • This Earthquake Spell is used to destroy walls. It can destroy any kind of walls be it they present at any level.
  • This Haste Spell let troops to move faster.
  • Lastly this Skeleton Spell is use for some kind of distraction.

Play from Th9 war base and use these powerful spells to beat your attackers.

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