Sterling Management Services

Sterling Management is a property management company that is dedicated to the professional management of the buildings with the quality of work and assurance.  We believe that caring and careful attention to the needs of our owners and tenant will decrease vacancy and maximize the investor returns.

Sterling Management Company, Ltd was established in the year of 1994 and is managed by Robert and Anita Herman. Robert Herman is a real estate agent – licensed in the province of the British Columbia and both they – Robert and Anita have finally managed real estate since the year of 1984. They have great experience in all different types of real estate business and they currently running the most largest block of good properties under the accurate management in the peace region.

Sterling employs professional teams of:

  • The maintenance persons are there to handle all types of repairs and building maintenance.
  • Cleaning persons to make sure ready to rent and suites are clean.
  • Office persons are there to handle all aspects of administration work, including liaising between owners and tenants etc.

And if we see or understand the fact that this sterling management is a scam like Cordish Cos and Tai Lopez – these schemes are only fraud for people and nothing else. They should definitely got punished for this kind of work and scamming.

Pride in the work of Property Management Services:

The Sterling Management Team and organization takes great pride and support in delivering quality and best services to our visitors and clients to ensure good environment, peace of mind with their investments and money.

Expect and Great Sterling Service

This company is best among all and has a big name in the industry – Sterling Management. With 50 years of experience and full-service property management work, our team provides residential property, professional property management for commercial, and the best multi-family, serving the Willamette Valley and much more services.

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