The 5 Coolest iPhone Apps for Techies

The iPhone isn’t only a lovely looking piece of kit which enables you to make calls, but it’s so much more than that. Since buying an iPhone, my life is getting a lot easier thanks to all those fantastic programs available via the App Store; I use them to shop for my weekly grocery store, make dinner reservations, play scrabble with my friends from all around the planet, locate the title and artist of a song playing on the stereo at a pub, find out when the next train heading to my destination occurs. I’ve become so dependent; I would be lost without it. It’s equally helpful when I’m at work; I have a specialized function within the IT industry, and I’d love to share five apps that I’ve found indispensable free calls app.


Picture the scene; I am doing a computer network upgrade for my client on site, I find that among those bits of hardware I’m supposed to be set up is dead on arrival (DOA). I require a replacement, fast. I fire up my RedLaser app and just scan the barcode on the exterior of this box; RedLaser quickly generates a list of local shops that have my item in stock. I call the store, buy the item over the telephone and arrange to get a taxi to collect it and deliver it to me personally. My client is impressed with using technology to solve this type of problem; that’s what he recalls and why I still get the chance to provide them with additional IT solutions.

I use this program to gauge the grade of the wi-fi link I am using; I do so whenever I play online poker via my iPhone. The reason why I do so is simple; when the grade of the connection is poor, I opt not play at very high stakes in case I’m involved in a huge pot and get rid of connectivity. The better quality the relationship, the higher the stakes I play. This would also be a useful tool when working with a customer who uses a wireless network.

Cisco Mobile 8.1

This excellent app allows me to make voice calls over any wi-fi system using Voice Over IP (VOIP) instead of making the telephone using my mobile carriers’ network. It has saved me a bundle.

Network Ping

A very cool program indeed that lets me ping not only a single IP address but also an entire subnet through my iPhone. My iPhone reveals displays all addresses within the subnet, telling me which addresses are working, which addresses have an issue and which addresses aren’t on the network anymore. I may also use this app to Telnet to a router and to execute a Traceroute command. I’ve used this program as a starting point when debugging IP based networks and highly suggest it.

Analytics Pro

There are a lot of programs that get Google Analytics based info for your website, but this is by far the best I’ve come across. The information is presented very neatly, and it includes all of the most crucial features of Google Analytics for example traffic, traffic resources, website content, and any aims or e-commerce related data which you have asked to be recorded. I have become hooked on checking my site statistics via this app and with the quality of the presentation used in this program, I’m sure you will also.

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