Understanding HGV’s And Fuel Efficiency

Many HGV drivers have come under scrutiny as of late, and there is a lot of negativity that seems to be circulating around fuel at HGV Training Prices. The problem is the misconceptions and myths that surround the fuel efficiency measures for certain vehicles, such as HGV’s. This is why we felt that it was important to address a lot of the common concerns in regards to HGV use and fuel efficiency, as a way to dispel a lot of the myths.

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HGV’s Are Not Monitored

Due to the fact that they are always moving around, many people think that an HGV driver is not monitored in any way. This is something that could not be further from the truth. Best practices and new incentives that a lot of companies are getting are pushing them to fit the vehicles with a black box that helps to monitor the driver, as well as the vehicle. There are careful calculations done prior to every journey to help make sure that the vehicle has the right fuel level on board for the trip to reduce the amount of waste. The operators are brought on board to watch over the driver behaviour, which includes making sure that they are obeying all speed limits and taking the right routes while not driving in a manner that is dangerous in any way. An HGV is always being monitored to check for the fuel being used as a good way of bringing down the emissions they are putting out.

HGV Drivers Waste Fuel

Revving your engine is the easiest thing that you can do if you are looking to use your vehicle to waste fuel. Any over revving of your engine or driving at a higher speed can burn your fuel very quickly. Given that an HGV is not able to get to such high speeds, revving is more of a common allegation that is falsely thrown at them. Measures are not being put into place to help make sure that it is physically impossible for a driver of an HGV to rev their vehicle excessively. How is this possible? All you have to do is make the HGVs that are on the road automatic. This is a policy that is already in place, so each new HGV available today is operating using an automatic gearbox.

Too Much Fuel

While it may be true that any HGV can use a lot more fuel than a standard vehicle taking a journey, all of the fuel that they are using is actually carefully measured and totally necessary. It will require a lot more fuel to help to move the weight of any HGV, and the fuel level that is needed for any trip will be calculated using a number of factors, to include distance, weight and a variety of other aspects. A company that is trying to cut back on the amount of fuel that is needed by a drive as a way for them to protect both their costs and the environment will be putting measures in place that work to prevent overuse and excessive waste.

Going forward, there are a number of new policies that are now being put into place all across the industry that are geared toward stopping the unnecessary use of too much fuel and the overproduction of dangerous emissions. We are also seeing a wide range of businesses that are now working to commission vehicles that are eco-friendly, and installing black boxes to help with monitoring drivers and the vehicles. Additionally, there are ways to limit drivers to automatic gearboxes as a way of helping to improve fuel efficiency, and they are not going to stop there.

Overall, you can see that there are a lot of common myths when it comes to the fuel efficiency of HGV’s, so the more informed you are, the better off you are going to be.

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