Use baking soda to clean your white shoes

White shoes are appealing unless it gets old then slowly it turns to yellowish and then brownish. Before it turns to brown you are required to clean it with soda, yes Baking soda! You might be thinking how to clean white shoes with baking soda, it will make you laugh but it is a unique way to get the things done perfectly!

Here, I will guide you to the end and the whole procedure for cleaning the shoes and I believe, it will help you a lot as it worked out for me in an excellent manner. Howbuzguidesite is an official site for giving amazing cleaning tips and tricks.

The baking soda way is no doubt count among the best ones. Baking soda is present in every home’s kitchen because without it cooking is impossible and you cannot think of baking cake etc without it. Thus, it is essential in nature!

Firstly, untie the laces from the shoe to make it free. It will allow the inner part to come out easily. Now, the movement will become much easy. Now, if you see that the laces are also dirty so let them soak in soapy warm water to remove the dirt particles.

Secondly, wet your pairs with water better in warm to give it first dose of cleansing. Water will enter the pores of it and this will help you in work done quickly. It will take time to become wet, so just soak it thoroughly and rub with your fingers.

Thirdly, now take baking soda but separately it will not work you will have to take the help of vinegar as well. Take baking soda in the quantity according to you. If pair are much dirty than take one cup of baking soda and if average than take 2 to 3 spoons. Just remember the proportion of 2:3, 2 parts soda and 3 parts of vinegar.

Fourthly, add vinegar to it and make a paste with the help of brush. Mix it until it becomes a consistent paste and visible like whitish toothpaste like, it will also become thick as you will beat it and mix with vinegar.

Fifthly, now is the time to apply this paste on the shoes. After applying, rub with brush. Wait for a while and dry it, then spray water on it with shower to make it re-emerge. Rub it to and fro and all the spots and stain slightly.

Sixthly, wash it now with water and also wash its laces. Keep it for dry but never leave it for the long time. Sometimes, it happened to me I forgot to pick up my pair and it remains placed under the open atmosphere on the floor and dirt stuck on its surface. From this source you will get very interesting cleaning tips.

In the beginning it looked an impossible method of how to clean white shoes with baking soda but now we know every step of it. Unlike the other methods which bears negative signs it does not damage your shoes. For example, putting shoes in washing machine can damage your shoes finishing. So, now you are at safe end!

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