What is eHospital System or Hospital Management Software?

There is no doubt that technology has made the life easy for every single person. Everything is digital and it is very easy to track the improvements or downfall of any company or business. Like any other business, hospitals also need a digitized system for the management. From patient’s medical record to staff pays, expenses and daily routine needs to be managed perfectly with the help of a good automated management system.

Medical Practice Management Software (PMS) is the solution, which is healthcare software, used for tracking the daily operations of a hospital or other medical practices. With the help of medical practice management software any hospital can generate detailed and filtered reports according to the requirements. Patient’s record, daily bills, scheduled appointments, doctor’s routine and staff shifting, and everything else is managed by PMS.

In most of the developed countries like USA or UK these medical practice management software are in use from small to medium size hospitals. There are different types of software such as, desktop only which is installed on a single work station and can be used only at that computer by a single person or by sharing the software among different users of same system. Desktop only software, are used in very small size hospitals.

Client server software is the advanced type of Medical practice management software where two versions of the software are available. Server software is installed on the main server, the powerful hardware, which has all the administrative rights. While the client software can be installed on various other workstations to divide the work load for different people and to give only required portion or module of the main software to a specific person. Client server software is used in medium size hospitals and cost to manage the server and other workstations is high.

Internet based PMS is very easy to handle for medical practices and there is no need to manage the software on own server. Patient data is not available on PMS in case of internet based server as this could be the security risk for the patient and the medicine practice. In such cases PMS is connected to EMR, stands for, Electronic Medical Records system. EMR has the patient’s history and PMS is only used for managing different financial activities and administrative tasks. Integration of PMS with EMR is very tricky and most critical part of internet based Medical Practice Management Software.

No matter what type of software is in use, this Hospital management system has very good appointment scheduling modules which keeps the record of appointments of patients with doctors. It also track and make it sure that there is no double booking for a single slot time and the availability of the specialized doctor.

Schedules are displayed in different colors, used a code which provides the information to staff about the upcoming appointments and they keep the doctors and nurses informed about upcoming patient’s along with their medical history. If cost is not an issue then internet based software is best to manage all the practices in a hospital otherwise desktop only version is also good to manage a small scale setup with perfection.

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